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      Where will the orders be shipped? 

      Orders can be shipped directly to a patient's home address or to the clinic. 

      What do I need to do after placing the order?

      Nothing! Get Glasses will manage the process from order submission, payment (card, centrepay, Northern Territory Concession Scheme) to delivery, and will only contact you if we have a specific query or issue.

      Is there a shipping cost? 

      No, shipping is free.

      What information should I provide to patients? 

      You don’t need to provide any information to the patient as Get Glasses will contact them directly if there are any queries or issues.

      Where can I get more information?

      Please contact info@getglasses.com.au for further information or to arrange a phone call.

      Can I access/use Get Glasses at any clinic? (For example, my clinic in Victoria?)

      Access to the Get Glasses can be negotiated with individual clinics. Please contact info@getglasses.com.au to arrange a phone call to discuss opportunities. 

      Are the Get Glasses products available to the public? 

      No, at the moment Get Glasses only provides products via clinicians. A public site will be available in 2021, please email info@getglasses.com.au if you would like to receive updates about the public site.